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 Leaving Gary Works Upbound Lake Erie 
Leaving Gary Works Upbound Lake Erie
  Arriving Great Lakes Steel Departing Rouge Steel - Detroit
Arriving Great Lakes Steel  Departing Rouge Steel, Detroit
Departing Marquette   Dawn Departure
  Departing Marquette Dawn Departure
The Last Run Lake Michigan Rolls
The Last Run  Lake Michigan Rolls
Lake Erie Perseids Gram's Cabin
Lake Erie Perseides Gram's Cabin
Lake Superior Aurora Colors of Flight
 Lake Superior Aurora  Colors of Flight
Living the Dream
Living the Dream Bluebills Over Mud Lake
Sprayers Sunset
  Sprayer's Sunset Otter Landing
Ely Air Fleet Northern Companions
Shenango II, Inbound Duluth
Shenango II, Inbound Duluth Adams Lake
Grand Forks AFB
Gateway Arch Grand Forks AFB
Misty Morning
Bull of Burntside Moonrise, Solitary Lake
Duluth Departure   Departing BN Superior
Roadside Robins Bear Island Sunset
Red Skies at Night Red October
Inbound Frantz Ripp's Retreat
The Cabin Wally of the Woodpile