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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Bull of Burntside

The Bull of Burntside
(13x9 in.) $45.00

Against a background of memorable fall colors, the crew of the tug, Bull of the Woods, completes another season of logging. The Bull is maneuvering its final boom into Hoist Bay of Burntside Lake near Ely, Minnesota. As the fireman stokes the boiler’s firebox for more steam, the helmsman steers the vessel into position with the tiller. A cable off the stern is secured to a ring on shore and the line handler is paying out more from below decks. The crew yaws the tug to get another “bite” or pull on the boom by running the paddlewheels in opposition – the portside paddlewheel has been reversed while the starboard paddlewheel remains in a forward position. Once sheltered in Hoist Bay, the boom will be disassembled and the logs will be hoisted onto railroad cars. The Bull is operated by Oliver Iron Mining Co. - the logs will be used as railroad ties in Oliver’s open pit mining operations across the Iron Range as well as shoring and support timbers in its underground Pioneer Mine in Ely.


(13x9 in.) $45.00