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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

"Loading the Callaway"
(24.5 in. x 18.5 in.), $2500.00

The 767-foot Cason J. Callaway sits below the gravity dock at the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway ore dock in Two Harbors, MN as a D.M.&I.R. locomotive pushes a string of loaded ore cars above the vessel. Three D.M.& I.R locomotives in unison have transported around 100 taconite-iron ore loaded ore cars from U.S. Steel's Minntac Mine near Mt. Iron, MN for shipment to U.S. Steel's facility in Conneaut, OH on Lake Erie. On the Callaway's main deck is the first mate, with the white hardhat, supervising the loading with two of the deck crew. More than likely he has already called ahead to Soo Control at the Soo Locks to check the water level in St. Mary's River and will adjust the load accordingly, carrying as much as possible to avoid grounding. There has been much rain over recent months so the Callaway will load nearly to its capacity of 25,300 tons. Meanwhile, up in the pilot house the captain and either the second or third mate are checking the load adjustments as ballast water is pumped out with the vessel settling deeper in the water with the increasing load. Above the pilothouse of the Callaway and atop the ore dock are three dock workers completing a job on the ore pockets that feed the gravity chutes. After completing the seven and one-half day round trip to Conneaut, the Callaway will return to Two Harbors and the same dock, this time loading for U.S. Steel's Gary Works steel plant at Gary, IN on Lake Michigan, a six-day round trip.

(24.5 in. x 18.5 in.)