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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Security, Security, Security

(24.5x18.5 in.) $3000.00

The 767 foot S/S Cason J. Callaway of the Great Lakes Fleet is inbound to the Duluth Ship Canal. An hour ago, the Callaway shattered the silence on Marine Emergency Channel 16 when she called the Aerial Lift Bridge:
“Security, security, security. This is the Steamer Cason J. Callaway. The Callaway will be inbound Duluth Piers in about an hour, then going to the Missabe Ore Docks to unload limestone. Repeat, to all concerned vessel traffic, the Cason J. Callaway will be inbound Duluth Piers in about an hour then going over to the Missabe Ore Docks.”
After ten seconds of silence Callaway followed up with: “Aerial Bridge, this is the Cason J. Callaway.”
Aerial Bridge: “Callaway, go to channel 10.”
Callaway: “Going to channel 10.”
Bridge: “Callaway, this is the Bridge on 10.”
Callaway: “Callaway on 10. Bridge, did you get my security call?”
Bridge: “Yes we did Captain and when you get about a mile out we’ll get up and out of your way.”
Callaway: “Thanks, Bridge. Any other vessel traffic in the harbor that you know of?”
Bridge: “You're welcome Captain. The only other vessel to be concerned about is the Barker at Midwest Energy but she’s not scheduled to leave for at least two hours. Have a great day. Bridge clear."
Callaway: "Callaway clear."

(24.5x18.5 in.) $3000.00