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Duluth Light Show

"Duluth Light Show"
(24.5x18.5 in.),$4000.00

Under a memorable star splashed December sky, the colossal 1000’ long Walter J. McCarthy Jr. has entered the Duluth Ship Canal in Duluth, MN and is now passing under the world famous Aerial Lift Bridge, only adding to an already spectacular light show. The American Steamship Co. bulk carrier is inbound to the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal in Superior, WI to load low sulfur western coal for Detroit Edison on the Detroit River, a 3 day voyage away. With guidance from the constellation of Orion the Hunter, above and to the right of the bridge signified by 3, bright diagonal stars in his belt, the McCarthy will load around 60,000 tons of cargo, short of its capacity of 78,500 tons due to low water levels in the St. Mary’s, St. Clair and Detroit Rivers.

(24.5x18.5 in.) $4000.00