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Just After Sunrise 

Superior Front Channel

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight
(24.5 in.x 18.5 in.), 2000.00

Broken clouds have added to an already spectacular evening with residual light from a sun that has just set creating a sky of colors changing by the minute. Adding to the drama is the massive 1000-foot M/V Indiana Harbor as it approaches the John A. Blatnik Interstate Bridge that connects Duluth, MN to Superior, WI. The darkening sky has triggered the decorative lights of the Bridge to come on combining with the functional lights of the Indy to form a phenomenal event at twilight.   Depicted here in its outbound Duluth run, the Indy is in St. Louis Bay of St. Louis River and as it passes the Bridge it will be in Superior Bay of the St. Louis River, headed for the Duluth Entry to Lake Superior.  The Indy has just loaded just under 70,000 tons of low sulfur western coal at Superior Midwest Energy Terminal destined for Detroit Edison power plants on the St. Clair River, MI and Monroe, MI. Characterized as a split-load , the cargo will be unloaded at both electric generating facilities; the route on Lake Erie to Monroe is too shallow to take a full load.

(24.5 in. x 18.5 in.)