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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Resupply, St. Mary’s River

  Resupply, St. Mary’s River
(24.5 in.x 18.5 in.), 3000.00

On the early evening of August 14, 2015, the M/V Herbert C. Jackson of the Interlake Steamship Co. has just locked through the Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, MI and is downbound for Ecorse Steel in Detroit, MI. The supply boat Ojibway has pulled alongside the Jackson in St. Mary’s River and has tied up to the freighter bringing galley, engine room and deck supplies or anything else a freighter might need to keep operating during the shipping season. Owned by Soo Marine Supply of Sault Ste. Marie, MI the 53-foot Ojibway is able to resupply the Jackson while the vessels are both moving very slowly. As well as transferring fresh supplies to a vessel, dirty laundry and trash are taken from the freighter back aboard the Ojibway and brought to the Soo Supply Warehouse. About 22,000 tons of iron ore pellets are in the 690-foot Jackson’s holds, loaded at Marquette, MI as the sun nears the western horizon.

(24.5 in. x 18.5 in.)