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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

        Windswept Lake Huron

Merganser Sunset
(20 x 14), $1200.00

It’s spring and just after sunset as a pair of common mergansers cruise by our dock at the cabin. On a perfectly calm evening, waves from the wake of a passing boat finally reach the shore as the mergansers give the fishermen their undivided attention. I was the earlier focus of their attention as I stood on the dock to get a photo of the couple that eventually turned into this original watercolor painting. But as I stood perfectly still and the fishermen trolled by, the merganser attention turned toward the boat. At the time I suspected the ducks were swimming the shoreline looking for a spot for the hen to drop her eggs, the wood duck house I had put up was within only 20 feet as they swam by. The hen eventually came back and laid her eggs in the house, I’d see her often as she flew out of the house in a search for food.

(20 x 14 in.)