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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Island River Bridge    

Island River Bridge
Original available (20 in. x 14 in.) $1800
Giclee prints available: (13 x 9 in.) $65.00, (20 x 14 in.) $85.00,
(24 x 18 in.) $100.00

We were on our annual June fishing trip with our usual group of six. It was late that night and the stars had been out in full force, all of us had been around the campfire near the old Forest Center town site in remote northeastern Minnesota. As the night grew, our crew disappeared into their tents and only two of us were left to listen to their snoring. My canoe partner stepped away from the bright firelight to look up at the stars. He not only saw the stars but also saw the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis was looking so good that we jumped in the truck and drove back about half of a mile back to the Island River Bridge.  Away from any light source at all we saw the Lights in all their full glory of reds, greens and yellows streaming directly overhead. 

The original water color of "Island River Bridge" and prints made from it are dedicated to the memory of Bob Thompson, a good friend, fellow teacher, fisherman and canoe partner. Bob was there to witness this event at the Island River bridge along with me, he died much too young of a multitude of illnesses.

(13 x 9 in.) $65.00
(20 x 14 in.) $85.00
(24 x 18 in.) $100.00
Framed Original
(20x 14 in),