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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Waiting, Soo Locks

"Waiting, Soo Locks"
(24.5" x 18.5"), $3500

After traveling from the ore docks in Marquette, MI the S/S Herbert C. Jackson has arrived from Lake Superior and is tying up in the St. Mary's River at the Soo Locks with a near capacity cargo of over 24,000 tons of iron ore pellets. Two members of the deck crew have dropped down from the vessel via a forward boom to the dock and are being aided by a line handler in the bow of the vessel. Evidence of a heavy load shows in the closeness of the bottoms of the bow anchor pockets to the water level. The 690 foot vessel is waiting its turn as the 1004 foot M/V Edgar B. Speer is now in the Poe Lock and about to be transited down into the lower levels of St. Mary's River. Likewise, before the arrival of the Jackson, the Speer had to also await its turn as the upbound 767 foot M/V Kaye E. Barker came out of the Poe Lock. The Jackson is tying up near the bridge supports of the International Bridge as well as the railroad bridge that connects Sault Ste. Marie, MI with Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Waiting, Soo Locks
(24.5x18.5) 3500.00