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(20x14 in) $1500.00

Out of a small birch log, I had fashioned a sort of suet feeder for the birds but I used peanut butter instead of suet. After drilling holes in the log then hanging it from the clothesline I packed the drilled holes with peanut butter. The log can be swaying in the wind or hanging motionless, the birds still cling to it. The chickadees, red and white breasted nuthatches used it a lot. Then came the woodpeckers. Downy, hairy and pileated woodpeckers. At least three or four downies as well as three or four hairies and an occasional pileated woodpecker showed up.

But one particular hairy woodpecker showed up regularly. He was there so often I dubbed him "Harry", stopping by three to four times a day. Harry would sample the other suet feeders we have but the one with the peanut butter was his favorite. On this particular morning as I was eating my breakfast cereal, Harry dropped by for his peanut butter fix, I may have turned Harry into a peanut butter junkie. The commercially made suet feeders get attention in our yard but the birch log home-made feeder is the most popular by far.

Original - (20x14 in) - $1500.00