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Missabe Morning
Missabe Morning
(24.5x18.25 in) $3000.00
The sun is about to break the eastern horizon encompassing the grain terminals and sprawling Midwest Energy Terminal of Superior, WI as the Great Lakes Fleet vessel S/S Philip R. Clarke cautiously approaches the west side of the Missabe (now Canadian National) Dock #6 in Duluth, MN. The 767' vessel is about to unload a split load of Michigan limestone/dolomite before loading taconite pellets destined for Lorain, OH. The 1st mate is in the pilothouse wing, scanning the dock area with binoculars where the Clarke will tie up as 2 Able Bodied Seamen are readying to drop a line hander to the Dock to secure the vessel while still another crewman loosens hatch clamps on the main deck.

Original - (24.5x18.25 in) - $3000.00