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Just After Sunrise 

Superior Front Channel

Coming In Light 
Coming in Light
 Original available, (20 x 14) $1800.00
Giclee prints available: (9 x 13 in.) $65.00,  (20 x 14 in.) $85.00 and
(24 x 18 in.) $100

It's just after sunrise as the 730 foot S/S Edward L, Ryerson passes the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse and enters the Superior, WI entry off Lake Superior. Two of the forward end crew ready mooring lines in the bow that will be needed to secure the vessel to BNSF (Burlington Northern - Santa Fe) Railway Dock #5. There is noticeable distance between the bottom of the anchor pockets and the water line, an indication that the vessel is "coming in light", without cargo and most of the ballast water has already been pumped out, readying the freighter for loading. The vessel will load about 26,000 tons of iron ore pellets from Arcelor-0Mittal's stell plant in Indiana Harbor, IN.


(24 x 18 in.) $100.00
(20 x 14 in.) $85.00
(13 x 9 in.) $65.00
Framed Original (20 x 14 in), $1800.00