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Just After Sunrise 

Superior Front Channel

First Ice
First Ice" 
(24 x 18 in.) Igen Print - $45,
(13x9 in.) Giclee print $65, (20x14in.) Giclee $85,
(24x18 in.) Giclee $95

It is the morning of December 10, 2006 as the outbound S/S Kaye E. Barker of the Interlake Steamship Co. makes its way through the first ice of the season in the Duluth Harbor Basin of Superior Bay. The 767 foot vessel is about to make a sharp turn to the starboard and line itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal in Duluth, MN and transport its cargo of low sulfur western coal to Marquette, MI. After unloading the coal at the  Presque Isle generating plant, the Barker will shift over to the ore docks and load taconite pellets  destined for Arcelor-Mittal Steel in Indiana Harbor, IN.

Igen (13x9 in.) $45.00
Giclee (13x9 in.) $65.00
Giclee (20x14) $85
Giclee (24x18) $95