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Ridin The Wake 

Blatnik Bridge, Twilight

Canal Park Sunset

"Canal Park Sunset"

Giclee print sizes available: 24x18 in. $95, 20x14in. $85 and 13x9in. $65.
Framed original also availabe, $4100.00

Spectators on the North Pier of the Duluth Ship Canal in Duluth, MN take in the breathtaking sunset entry of the enormous 1004 foot M/V Edgar B. Speer on a cool, October evening. The captain of the ore carrier is successfully guiding the self-unloading vessel through the sometimes precarious currents found in the Canal and has three of four generators running as witnessed by the streams of water exiting the stern ports. To prepare for the loading of around 55,000 tons of taconite pellets at the CN Railway Dock, the Speer has also been pumping out ballast water. Noticeable at the base of the pilothouse is the 55 foot retractable shuttle unloading boom which restricts the Great Lakes Fleet/Key Lakes vessel to unload only into shoreside hoppers at docks in Conneaut, OH or Gary, IN. When built, fleetmate 1004 foot M/V Edwin H. Gott also had a shuttle unloading boom but was replaced by a 280 foot deck mounted boom which made it more versatile and able to unload at numerous other ports.

(24x18 in.) $95.00
(20x14 in.) $85.00
(13x9 in.) $65.00