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Summer Lightning and Winter Ice
(13 x 9 in. per set of 2) - $80.00

Set includes 1 print of Summer Lightning and 1 print of Winter Ice. A two print series paying  "A tribute to Great Lakes sailors past and present, saluting the mariners of the Inland Seas as they face the unrelenting forces of nature". Low-numbered, matching edition numbers are available. Purchase of set includes testimonies of Great Lakes sailors, past and present, as they recall some of their most terrifying moments while sailing the world's largest bodies of fresh water.

Travel aboard with the crew of the S/S Charles M. Beeghly as they face some of the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out. Whether it's up high above the aft unloading boom during a July lightning storm or standing on an ice covered deck with wind chills approaching -50 F., the men sailing these vessels under these conditions are a special breed.  

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(13 x 9 Framed) $80.00