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"Canadian Lights"
(20 x 14 in.), Original available $1100.00    
Giclee print sizes avaiable: 13x9 in., $65.00, 20x14 in. $85
and 24x 18 in., $95.00 

My immediate thoughts are, how could such a star-studded night sky be topped? I soon find  out. Many hours after sunset, the Aurora Borealis shows itself over the waters  of Wasa Lake in a remote area of far northwestern Ontario, Canada. The ever  changing waves of pulsating colors appear to give the sky the illusion of  either sunrise or sunset on this July night. But the colors are radiating from  the north, not the east or west, as the various hues stretch upward only to be replaced by others, the Northern Lights are at their finest. As I watch from  the shore of the bay, I notice the intense quiet of the entire event is replaced by a low hum. It almost appears as though the hum is coming from the  Lights themselves but how can that be? No, the hum is coming from hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitoes that seem to have found every square inch of me and in a flash I’m off to the outpost cabin.  I  am convinced that I have set a new world record for the 50 yard dash, anyone  witnessing my sprint would think I am being pursued by Bigfoot himself. 

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Giclee Prints 13" x 9" $65 Giclee Prints 24" x 18" $95


  Giclee Prints 20" x 14" $85   Original 20" x 14" $2000