Mirror, Mirror...
(20 x 14 in.) $1500.00, Prints available (13 x 9 in.) $45.00

 This black-capped chickadee seemed to be entranced with his reflected image on the glass of our birdfeeder. He may have thought the likeness was that of another, companion chickadee or may have just been impressed with his own reflection. If it were the latter, he may have been saying to himself, "Mirror, mirror on the feeder, who's the fairest one indeed(er)?" To which he would've answered, "Why me, of course!" On Christmas Day 2005, the aerial acrobat must've flown from the feeder to a nearby tree at least a dozen times. On each trip he carried out exactly the same procedure: after landing on the feeder he would look at his image for a short time, then pick up a single sunflower seed, fly to the tree where he would place the seed between his feet and hammer at the seed with his beak until he cracked it open.

I thoroughly enjoy watching all songbirds, but chickadees are one of my favorites. I suppose this is because they can be so comical and downright friendly.

(20 x 14 in.) $1500.00
Prints (13 x 9 in.) $45.00