November Night Skies
2 Giclee sizes available: (19x13 in.) $70.00, (20x14 in.) $100.00.
Unframed original available (24.5x18.5 in.) $4000.00

It was one of those clear, fall nights when the atmosphere had seemingly been vacated of all summer impurities and the brightness of the stars was so intense they appeared to be magnified 100 fold. On the rear of the stack deck of the S/S Edmund Fitzgerald are best friends and crewmates Ransom (Ray) Cundy, a watchman from Superior, WI, porter Freddie Beetcher also of Superior and maintenance man Tom Borgeson of Duluth, MN. Ray Cundy is pointing out some of the November constellations: Capricornus off the port bow, Aquila to the left of the stack, Lyra up above the stack and slightly to the right, the 2 "pointer stars" of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) pointing toward Polaris (the North Star) or the last star in the handle of Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper).

(24.5x18.5 in.) $4000.00

((19x13 in.) $70.00

(20x14 in.) $100.00